Neighborhood Out: The good news is – we can still get out!  Get to know your neighborhood on a new level with the Neighborhood Out Discovery Tour.  We are partnering with Asheville on Bikes to provide you with maps for walking and biking tours in different Buncombe County Neighborhoods. The maps provide an opportunity to notice points of interest to re-discover your neighborhood with your family or friends (at an appropriate social distance).  Also we challenge you to create and share your own routes, with our route maker tool for instructions. Make sure that use the Record my Ride (or walk, run, skip, trek, etc). Special thanks to Asheville on Bikes for providing their Ride with GPS tool for all folks! All you need are your feet and your phone. Tell your story on:

Neighborhood Route Mapping ToolRide with GPS via Asheville on Bikes

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Your Incentive: Contribute to the public good, appreciate others who have, and tell the story!